Braintree Marketplace

With Braintree Marketplace you can effortlessly split payments between you and your providers. Marketplace enables you to build a custom checkout experience on any platform for your market-style business.


Braintree Marketplace eases implementation of split payments for your market-style business by offering:

  • Easy compliance - We manage the tax forms and alleviate many of the compliance burdens associated with running a marketplace.
  • Fees - We have a flat per transaction fee.
  • Flexibility - You can pay providers right away or park funds until fulfillment is complete. No escrow required.


Braintree Marketplace is available for merchants in the United States. Both the marketplace owner and the individual providers or sellers within that marketplace must be domiciled in the United States and receive funding in USD.

Braintree must approve merchant accounts for use with Marketplace. For more information, contact our Support team.

Note: Marketplace is not compatible with PayPal, Braintree's recurring billing, or most third-party shopping carts at this time.

Support, documentation, and other resources

Reference and other resources for Braintree Marketplace are available at the following locations: