PayPal for Marketplaces

Important: PayPal for Marketplaces is available to select partners for approved use cases. For more information, reach out to your PayPal account manager or contact us:


PayPal for Marketplaces is a comprehensive payments solution for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, and other environments where people buy and sell goods and services or raise money. The solution is ideal if you run a multi-party commerce platform and want a flexible, end-to-end solution for processing payments.

PayPal for Marketplaces supports a variety of common business types, including:

One platform for running your business:

With PayPal for Marketplaces:

  • You can accept payments in up to 25 currencies across the globe.
  • We help protect you and manage the risk inherent in processing payments.
  • Your customers can pay with a full suite of payment methods – credit and debit cards, local payment methods, or PayPal wallet payments (balance, bank, cards, and so on).
  • Our streamlined onboarding process gets your sellers ready to accept payments quickly.

Different paths for different needs

Our PayPal for Marketplaces solution has two integration paths to choose from based on how you run your business:

  • Connected path. A marketplace model in which each individual PayPal seller assumes financial liability, rather than you, the partner. All sellers must have PayPal accounts.
  • Managed path. A marketplace model in which the partner assumes financial liability. Sellers aren't required to have PayPal accounts.

Connected path

In this path, you focus on running your business and PayPal protects you by managing risk and losses.

This is the path for you if:

  • You want to manage your customer experience and let us handle the end-to-end payment solutions, including disputes, chargebacks, and risk management.
  • You want PayPal to be responsible for fraud and seller management, allowing PayPal to leverage our unique two-sided network of customers and sellers.

In this path:

  • You control funds disbursement, while PayPal handles the payments experience and payment-related communication.
  • Each seller manages disputes and owns, along with PayPal, the liability for the transactions.
  • PayPal accounts are required for sellers. PayPal manages account risk for the sellers through their PayPal accounts and offers Seller Protection, where applicable.

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Managed path

In this path, you fully control your customer experience while partnering with PayPal for payment processing. With this path, you opt to manage your sellers’ entire experience, and as such, you’ll also be liable for transaction risk.

This is the path for you if:

  • You’re comfortable with the resources required and processes involved to manage your risk and losses associated with disputes, chargebacks, and reversals.
  • You seek to provide a seller experience that is fully owned and branded.

In this path:

  • You control funds disbursement and are liable for risk associated with chargebacks and reversals.
  • You handle disputes and take on the risk of losses.
  • PayPal accounts aren’t required for sellers.

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