Reporting Setup Guide

Important: PayPal for Marketplaces is available to select partners for approved use cases. For more information, reach out to your PayPal account manager or contact us:


PayPal provides various reports to help manage day-to-day operations and provide transaction-level insight. To receive these reports, contact your PayPal account manager.

Note: These example reports show the reporting capabilities that are available to you as a partner. Work with your account manager to discuss your specific reporting needs.

You can receive these reports:

  • Partner Fee Report. Provides a detailed view of the transactions affecting the partner fee account, and helps with reconciliation and management of revenue through partner fees.

  • Payouts Reconciliation Report. Provides a detailed view of the activity on the platform, and helps with reconciliation of end-to-end money flow and transactions.

  • Marketplace Case Reconciliation Report. Supports case management processes by providing details about the cases that opened or closed within the reporting time frame.

Tip: Try the reports demos.
  • Click the View Report button to view or download the report.

Report format and timing

You can receive reports in either comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-delimited values format. Contact your PayPal Account Manager to set the data format for any report.

The character encoding for reports is UTF-8 (8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format).

PayPal generates reports on a regular (24 hour) basis and puts them on PayPal's website and the secure FTP server by 12:00 PM daily in the leading time zone of the reporting window.

Set up report access

Before you as a partner can receive marketplace reports:

  • PayPal must set up your access to our reporting scheduler and batch job scheduler. Contact your account manager or Merchant Technical Support to sign up for this. You’ll be notified via your primary email address when access has been granted and your reports have been scheduled to run.

  • You must create an SFTP user account on the PayPal site.

Create an SFTP user account

PayPal’s secure FTP server is a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) server that enables business partners and large merchants to fetch results of PayPal processing in the form of reports or other output data. You can communicate with the server through SFTP line commands or any SFTP client of your choice, such as WinSCP, Cyberduck, or FileZilla. For details about our SFTP server, see the PayPal Secure FTP Server Specification.

After PayPal sets up your reports and approves your SFTP access, you must create a secure FTP user account.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Select Profile > Profile and settings.

  3. Click My settings.

  4. Click Secure FTP Users.

  5. On the secure FTP server users page, click Add.

  6. On the security measures page, confirm your identity by re-entering the full bank account number associated with your PayPal account. Then, click Submit.

  7. On the create secure FTP server user page, choose a name, access type, and password for your account. Agree to the terms of use and click Create User.

  8. The new user information appears.

    • It can take up to 48 hours to create a secure FTP server user account.
    • After you create the account and the SFTP server is ready for use, PayPal sends an email message to your primary email address.

Retrieve reports

You can access your marketplace reports from PayPal’s live or sandbox environment.

To use command-line SFTP to retrieve reports:

Note: If these commands do not yield the same results on your installation, check the sftp command man or help pages.

  1. From the command prompt on your computer, run one of these commands:

    • To access reports on sandbox:

      $ sftp
    • To access reports on live:

  2. Enter the password for your SFTP account.

  3. Run this command:

    $ cd ppreports/outgoing

    You are now in the ppreports/outgoing directory.

  4. To list the files in this directory:

    $ ls
  5. To download report files, enter:

    $ Get filename
  6. To log off from the reporting server:

    $ `exit`

For more information about retrieving reports by using an SFTP client such as WinSCP for Windows, go to PayPal's Merchant Technical Support website and search for retrieve reports.


To view information about specific reports, see: