CheckComplianceStatus API Operation


Determines whether a PayPal account has achieved the level of compliance required for a given capability, such as Cash In/Cash Out.

Note: Only authorized, tier 1 partners may make this call. If you want to use this API, please contact your PayPal integration manager for permission.

CheckComplianceStatusRequest Message

The CheckComplianceStatusRequest message supplies information identifying the PayPal account for which to check compliance status.

CheckComplianceStatusRequest Fields

Field Description
accountIdentifier aa:AccountIdentifierType
(Required) Identifies the PayPal account for which to check compliance status. Must be one (and only one) of these account identifier types:
  • emailAddress, xs:string
    (Optional) Email address of the PayPal account holder
  • mobilePhoneNumber, xs:string
    (Optional) Mobile phone number of the PayPal account holder
  • accountId, xs:string
    (Optional) Account Id of the PayPal account holder
requestEnvelope common:RequestEnvelope
(Required) Information common to all API operations, such as the language in which an error message is returned. See RequestEnvelope Fields for details.

RequestEnvelope Fields

Field Description
detailLevel common:DetailLevelCode
The level of detail required by the client application for components such as Item, Transaction. Allowed values are:
  • ReturnAll - This value provides the maximum level of detail (default)
errorLanguage xs:string
The RFC 3066 language in which error messages are returned; by default, this language is en_US - the only language currently supported.

CheckComplianceStatusResponse Message

The CheckComplianceStatusResponse message returns the compliance status of the PayPal account identified in the request.

CheckComplianceStatusResponse Fields

Field Definition
denialReason xs:string
The reason that execStatus is DENY. Possible values:
  • CLIENT_NOT_SUPPORTED - The specified partner is not authorized to call CheckComplianceStatus.
  • COUNTRY_NOT_SUPPORTED - The CheckComplianceStatus API does not work in the specified country.
  • VERIFICATION_NOT_COMPLETED - Compliance verification has not yet been completed; a user action may be required.
  • DOCUMENTS_UNDER_REVIEW - Compliance verification is under agent review.
execStatus xs:string
Indicates whether to allow the requested action. Possible values:
  • ALLOW - Allow the requested the action
  • DENY - Deny the requested action
responseEnvelope common:ResponseEnvelope
Common response information, including a timestamp and the response acknowledgment status. See ResponseEnvelope Fields for details.

ResponseEnvelope Fields

Field Description
ack common:AckCode
Acknowledgment code. Possible values:
  • Success - Operation completed successfully
  • Failure - Operation failed
  • Warning - Warning
  • SuccessWithWarning - Operation completed successfully; however, there is a warning message.
  • FailureWithWarning - Operation failed with a warning message
build Build number - Used only by Merchant Technical Support.
correlationId Correlation ID - Used only by Merchant Technical Support.
timestamp The date on which the response was sent. The time is not supported.

CheckComplianceStatus Errors

Error Code Error Message Additional Information
500000 Framework failure. Retry.  
520002 Internal error  
520003 Invalid credentials  
550001 User is not allowed to perform this action The user does not have permission to call the CheckComplianceStatus API.
560022 Invalid header  
560029 The required <name> header is missing from the HTTP request  
580001 Invalid request  
580022 Invalid request parameter: <name>
  • accountId with value {user's input}
  • accountIdentifier
  • emailAddress

  • The format of the account Id passed for accountIdentifier is invalid.
  • The specified accountIdentifier (email address, account Id, or mobile phone number) was not found in PayPal's system.
  • The format of the email address passed for accountIdentifier is invalid.
580023 The argument is inconsistent with the rest of the request  
580027 The parameter is not supported  
580029 Missing required request parameter: accountIdentifier The request message did not contain an accountIdentifier field. This field is required.