BMManageButtonStatus API Operation (SOAP)


Changes the status of a hosted button.


The Button Manager API is deprecated. For new integrations, see the associated topic.

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Currently, you can only delete a button.

BMManageButtonStatus request

The request specifies the hosted button's ID and the status to which to set the button.

BMManageButtonStatus request parameters





(Required) The ID of the hosted button whose status you want to change.



(Required) The new status of the button. Value is:

  • DELETE. The button is deleted from PayPal.

BMManageButtonStatus response

The response does not include any fields that are specific to the BMManageButtonStatus API operation.

BMManageButtonStatus errors

Error code Short and long messages User action
10001 Internal Error
Internal Error
To learn more about possible causes and corrective actions, see What is API error code 10001?.
11950 Invalid Data
A hosted button ID must be specified.
11951 Invalid Argument
The hosted button ID specified is invalid.
11951 Invalid Argument
The hosted button ID specified is invalid.
11992 Invalid Argument
You do not have permissions to access this button. Verify the hosted button ID and try the request again.
11993 Invalid Argument
The button status value specified is not valid.