Seller Onboarding

How you onboard your sellers is dependent on how you'd like to handle the connection to PayPal.

You can ask your sellers to connect with PayPal using either:

  • Upfront onboarding. Sellers connect before buyers make PayPal payments through your platform.
  • Progressive onboarding. Sellers connect after buyers make PayPal payments through your platform.

Upfront onboarding

Upfront onboarding requires you to integrate the PayPal onboarding mini-browser into your website. You make an API call to pre-fill information in some of the PayPal account onboarding fields offered to your sellers. This lets your sellers create PayPal accounts or link existing PayPal accounts to your platform without ever leaving your experience.

URL onboarding

URL onboarding is a variation of Upfront onboarding that streamlines the onboarding process. You forego the API call and require your sellers to complete all sign-up fields.

Progressive onboarding

After a buyer makes a PayPal payment, your seller receives an email that a payout is waiting. The email links to the PayPal website where the seller is asked to complete steps to connect their PayPal account to your platform to get the payment. If the seller does not have a PayPal account, they will be prompted to create one.


Onboard your sellers: