Cancel Pending Payments

If sellers decide they do not want to finish setting up a PayPal account, you must provide them with the option to cancel pending PayPal transactions. When a seller cancels any pending transaction, all pending transactions are canceled.

Request sample

To cancel a pending transaction, pass the merchant_email parameter in the request body to /v1/customer/cancel-onboarding.

curl -v
  -H Content-Type: application/json
  -H 'Authorization:Bearer A101.F8Lc3Ja_qOA-62-PnPkJ_QqoDdb3AQspzqp0fS88odZ9BJg64od6Vn3Na5-dhEQ3.hDT5IfmvAImZEKbz5EuETWz2m0u'
  -d '{
  "merchant_email": ""

Response sample

A successful call returns a HTTP status code of 204 No Content Success; the call successfully canceled all transactions for the seller associated with the specified email address.