Installment Plan: checkout experience

This topic provides a workflow diagram and full description of the checkout experience for an Installment Plan button configured with basic payment options. It also provides links to other topics that can help you configure advanced payment option for this button.

Checkout workflow for a basic Installment Plan

Read a description that includes customer actions on an example retail website for each step of the workflow:

Checkout starts on your website

The basic checkout experience with Installment Plan buttons begins on your website when a buyer is ready to sign up.

In this example, Sarah begins on Andy's Discount Appliances website. She wants an electric oven, but she can't afford to pay in full. Sarah selects No Payments for 30 Days, and then clicks the Installment Plan to check out.

Buyers choose how to pay

PayPal displays a page that shows a summary of the payment plan and allows buyers to choose whether to pay directly with a credit or debit card, or to log in to their PayPal account and pay using PayPal.

When the buyer selects to pay with PayPal, the system automatically requests the installment plan to be paid using the buyer's default payment method, however, it also provides the ability for the buyer to change the payment method within their PayPal account.

In this case, Sarah does not have a PayPal account. She selects the credit or debit card link in the bottom right corner of the page. The Billing Information page opens.

She enters her billing information. She also enters her contact information, email address, and home phone number so that PayPal can send her a PayPal payment notification and contact her if necessary to complete the transaction. Then, she clicks the Continue.

Buyers review their payment details

PayPal displays a payment review page to let buyers check the details of their installment plan before they complete their agreements.

In this case, Sarah reviews the details of her installment plan. Then she clicks Agree and Pay to complete her signup.

Buyers view and print payment confirmations

PayPal displays a payment confirmation page to let buyers know that they signed up successfully.

In this case, Sarah prints the confirmation page for her records.

Enhance the checkout experience

To enhance the buyer's checkout experience, you can add custom options to your payment button. The following topics describe custom button options and other PayPal Payment Standard product features: