Integrate Third-Party Payments


To configure up to 10 additional payment methods in the PayPal PLUS Payment Selection Page (PSP), use the thirdPartyPaymentMethods array.

Note: If you define more than 10 payment methods, only the first 10 methods are configured.

If you specify third-party payment methods, the user is redirected to the URL defined in the doCheckout function.


  "redirectUrl": "<>",
  "methodName": "Bank transfer",
  "imageUrl": "<>",
  "description": "my description"

These validation checks are active in the JSON array:

  • If a defined payment method has an error, all payment methods are ignored.
  • The redirectUrl and methodName parameters are required.
  • The imageUrl must be a secure URL (https).
  • The maximum image size is 100 x 25 pixels.
  • The methodName contains up to 25 characters. All additional characters are truncated.
  • The methodName of a third party method must be unique in the thirdPartyPaymentMethods array.