3D Secure 2.0 Integration

The 3D Secure (3DS) 2.0 is the next iteration of the 3DS authentication protocol.

3DS 2.0 satisfies the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements going into effect in 2019 for European merchants transacting with European customers. If you need more information about 3DS, see Braintree 3DS blog post.

To use this protocol with your White Label Wallet (WLW) app, combine the requirements from the Braintree SDK and WLW in this guide.

PayPal’s WLW has partnered with Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) to provide 3DS 2.0 transaction authentication. This process uses an integrated transaction pre-process in which the app server passes card-issuer specified data to Cardinal’s certified 3DS platform to swiftly authenticate the consumer.


Before you begin, make sure you have satisfied all system prerequisites and understand the different parties involved in the 3DS 2.0 protocol.

The WLW 3DS 2.0 implementation follows the Cardinal Commerce Cruise Hybrid integration model which assumes:

  • CCA credentials:
    • Cardinal Merchant Account for CCA.
    • WLW App has Cardinal SDK installed.
  • App implementation uses B2B Mobile Transaction API for interaction with the WLW platform.
  • Consumer profile must include all data mandated by the 3DS 2.0 specification.

The following diagram shows the sequence flow for 3DS 2.0 integration:

3DS 2.0 Secure Flow