Android SDK - Customer Module

Use the customer module of the SDK to retrieve the profile data associated with the logged in user from the WLW repository for use by the reference application.

Service Description
UI Service
Core Service contains the method to retrieve the profile information for the logged-in user and return it as the object.

Retrieve Customer Data

Item Description
UI Method void retrieveCustomer();

Provides customer data retrieval based on the successful authentication of a valid user on a registered device. This method must be called after successful user authentication.
Applicable Listener Callbacks void onRetrieveCustomerSuccess(Customer customer);
Called when reference application has successfully received the customer data.

void onRetrieveCustomerError (PaydiantException exception);
Called when retrieval cannot execute due to a service connection error.
Retrieval Listener void setCustomerRetrieveListener(ICustomerRetrieveListener listener);

Sets an implementation of the listener interface or an overridden instance of in the UserLoginService on the CustomerRetrieveService class so the callback methods can be invoked during execution of the customer retrieval method.
Remove Listener void removeListener();
Call this method to remove the customer retrieval listener and set it to null.
Core Method Customer retrieveCustomer();

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