B2B Mobile Transaction 101

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW) platform.

PayPal's WLW app development supports a server-side architecture in which the mobile app communicates directly with an integrated app service layer managed by the merchant. The app service layer submits all mobile app operations related to transaction processing to PayPal's WLW platform through the B2B API.

B2B Architecture

You manage and control all app behavior not related to transaction processing, such as user authentication and device fingerprinting, according to your own business processes.

Get started

To develop your mobile app to process transactions through PayPal's WLW platform:

  1. Configure an app server with B2B API authorization.
  2. Code your app to route the following operations through the app service layer:
  3. Test and certify your app.

Transition from an SDK environment

If you need to convert your SDK based WLW app to a server-side implementation, review the SDK transition process.