B2B Mobile Transaction API Guide

Release 10.1

Note: As of December 2019, Loyalty processing is no longer available in the WLW platform.

  • Marked loyalty items as deprecated.

Release 9-11

Release 9-7

  • Added PaymentAccount to the continuePaymentAccountEnrollment method so that the paymentAccountUri can be returned in the response as part of a multi-step enrollment. The uri field of the EntityIdentifier object stores the paymentAccountUri in the responses of both startPaymentAccountEnrollmentRequest and continuePaymentAccountEnrollment in multi-step processing.

Release 9-5

Release 9-4

Two new endpoints were added to the B2B Mobile Transaction Guide:

Release 9-1

Release 8-10

November 2018

Release 8-9

October 2018

  • Introduced support for a mobile app server to utilize an API webhook allowing the WLW platform to push fuel event updates to the app server in lieu of polling for each retrieveTransactionMetadata fuel event update.

Release 8-8

September 2018

Release 8-7

August 2018

  • Initial online release of this document.