B2B Mobile Transaction API - Status Codes

The White Label Wallet (WLW) platform Status Codes communicate the status of a given transaction at a specific point in its lifecycle. The codes are grouped into two categories, based on whether the status relays information about whether a call was able to reach its intended recipient versus the outcome of the call's intended operation.

Response status codes

WLW's Response Status Codes relay information about the state of the transmission of the call.

Status object format

When any request is submitted to WLW through one of its exposed endpoints, the response always includes the status attribute using the following convention:

  "statusDescription":"Tender not supported",
      "statusDescription":"Tender not supported",
  • Depending on the originating call, the statusDetails message can provide context-specific details instead of the generic messages described here.
  • See Response Status Codes and their endpoints for a list of statusDetail response status codes and the endpoints that use them.
  • The documentation for each individual method includes the specific response status codes used by that endpoint.
  • Payment status codes are listed after the response codes and endpoints table.

Response status codes and their endpoints

The following table lists the response status codes and the endpoints that use them. See the individual method descriptions to see the response codes grouped by endpoint.

Code Message Used by
304 Invalid arguments

Detailed description is context-specific, such as PartnerUri cannot be null or empty.
309 Invalid checkout token retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
337 No transaction details found retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
341 Transaction has been canceled retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
347 Transaction in use retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
360 Operation timeout retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
361 Checkout token blocked retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
370 Tender not supported enrollCustomerAndProvisionCard
385 Transaction not ready retrieveMobileTransactionMetadata
386 <endpoint> Error

Detailed description is context-specific.
389 Issuing partner is not configured
to support stub customer records.
390 Data access error updateMobileTransaction
391 The external entity is not found

Detailed description is context-specific.
427 Invalid external entity state

Detailed description is context-specific.
Reserved for future use
430 Declined updateMobileTransaction
431 Insufficient funds updateMobileTransaction
443 Processing error occurred updateMobileTransaction
444 Processing error occurred at gateway updateMobileTransaction
445 Transaction cannot be processed updateMobileTransaction
447 Transaction not supported
in the integration
449 Invalid amount specified updateMobileTransaction
450 Invalid card number specified updateMobileTransaction
451 Invalid expiry date specified updateMobileTransaction
452 Expired credit card updateMobileTransaction
490 Invalid Transaction, Contact Issuer updateMobileTransaction
491 Suspected Fraud, Contact Issuer updateMobileTransaction
523 Payment account enrollment card provisioning
operation declined
524 Payment account enrollment card provisioning
operation not supported
525 CRUD not possible enrollCustomerAndProvisionCard

Payment status codes

WLW's Payment status codes relay information about the current state of the payment.

Payment status code categories

Payment status codes are grouped into the following general categories:

Code Range Description
200-209 Settlement status: Information about whether a payment has settled.
210-219 Authorization status: Information about the the processor.
220-229 Scheduled processing status: Information about the state of a scheduled transaction.
230-239 Refund status: Information about issuance of a credit.
240-249 Payment system status: Information about the state of the payment system.
250-299 Payment input failures: Explanations of payment failure due to input error.
340-349 Non-transaction processing status (Database Update Status): Information about whether a system record was able to be updated.
350-369 Non-transaction processing input failures: Explanations about record update failure.
370-379 Balance inquiry status: Information about a balance refresh transaction.
380-389 Verification status: Information about an account verification.
400-409 Loyalty-card-status: Deprecated
500-549 Issuer status: Information about the payment account issuer.
550-599 Merchant related status codes: Information about the merchant.
600-619 Full reversal and refund status: Information about the reversal of a payment that cannot be voided.
620-639 Payment void status: Information about a completed payment void.
700-749 Loyalty status: Deprecated: Information about loyalty activity processing.
750-759 Add value status: Information about loading or reloading the balance of a payment account.
760-769 Card provisioning status: Information about single-step account enrollment.
780-789 IDP status: Information about an external user profile authentication.
790-809 Multi-step account enrollment status: Information about payment account enrollment that can have a dynamic number of steps.
810-829 Pay at the table status:Information related to open-tab payment models.
830-839 Additional processing status: Information related to pre- or post-transaction processing.

Note: Codes within each range have been reserved for use by the type specified for that range. However, there is not necessarily a status assigned to every code within the range.

Payment status codes by category

The specific payment status codes are listed here by the type of failure they represent, such as Refund or Schedule.

Settlement status

Code Status Message Description
200 APPROVED Payment for the transaction has been approved.
201 DECLINED Payment for the transaction has been declined.
202 SETTLEMENT_FAILED The transaction is authorized, but the settlement failed.
203 INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS The account from which the payment is being drawn does not have enough money to cover the amount due.
204 PARTIAL_PAYMENT_SUCCESS A payment has been approved, but a balance remains.
205 FORCED_DEPOSIT_SUCCESS The ATM deposit cancelation failed and the deposit was processed.

Authorization status

Code Status Message Description
210 AUTH_APPROVED Pre-authorization is approved.
211 AUTH_FAILED Pre-authorization failed.
212 PARTIAL_PRE_AUTH_SUCCESS Pre-authorization is approved for a lesser amount than requested.

Schedule status

Code Status Message Description
220 APPROVED_AND_SCHEDULED The payment authorization is approved and has been scheduled for processing.
221 SCHEDULED The payment is scheduled for processing.

Refund status

Code Status Message Description
230 REFUND_APPROVED The credit transaction is accepted.
231 REFUND_ON_HOLD The transaction is awaiting settlement and cannot be refunded at this time.
232 REFUND_FAILED The credit transaction is declined.
235 REFUND_NOT_POSSIBLE Refunds are not permitted for this transaction.
236 REFUND_TRANSACTION_DATA_MISMATCH The data input for the refund transaction does not match that of the original purchase.
237 REFUND_TRANSACTION_AMOUNT_EXCEED The refund transaction amount is in excess of the original purchase.

Payment system status

Code Status Message Description
240 DUPLICATE_TRANSACTION A duplicate transaction has been submitted.
241 PROCESSING_ERROR An error occurred during processing. Wait 5 minutes before retrying.
242 GATEWAY_PROCESSING_ERROR An error occurred at the gateway. Wait 5 minutes before retrying.
243 TRANSACTION_NOT_ALLOWED The transaction is not supported at this financial institution.
244 TRANSACTION_UNDER_REVIEW The transaction is being evaluated.
245 TRANSACTION_NOT_SUPPORTED The transaction is not supported by the wallet integration.
246 OPERATION_TIMEOUT The transaction was not completed in the allotted time.

Payment input failures

Code Status Message Description
250 INVALID_INPUTS The request contains one or more invalid parameter entries.
251 INVALID_AMOUNT The amount entered is not a valid format (for example, multiple decimal points can have been entered).
252 INVALID_CARD_NUMBER The credit card number entered is not valid (e.g., too many or too few digits).
253 INVALID_EXPIRY_DATE The credit card expiration date is not a valid date.
254 EXPIRED_CARD The credit card expiration date has already passed.
255 INVALID_ABA The routing number for the payment account is not valid.
256 INVALID_ACCOUNT_NUMBER The account number is invalid.
257 AVS_MISMATCH The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of card holder.
258 INVALID_CARD_CODE The card code (CVV2/CVC2/CID) is invalid.

Database update status

Code Status Message Description
340 Success The CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operation was successful.
341 CRUD_NOT_POSSIBLE The CRUD operation cannot be completed. Wait five minutes before retrying.
349 ENTITY_IS_DELETED The referenced entity has been removed and cannot be retrieved.

Non-transaction input failures

Code Status Message Description
350 ENTITY_NOT_EXISTING The referenced entity does not exist in the system. Recheck the ID or URI used to retrieve.
351 DUPLICATES_NOT_ALLOWED The URI provided results in a duplicate record if created. Update the existing record instead.
352 EMPTY_PARTNER_URI Partner URI is required.
353 EMPTY_TENANT_URI A valid tenant URI is required.
354 EMPTY_MERCHANT_URI A valid Merchant URI is required.
355 EMPTY_USER_PROFILE_URI A valid user profile URI is required.
356 EMPTY_CURRENCY_URI A valid currency URI is required.
357 EMPTY_FINANCIAL_INSTITUTE_URI A valid financial institution URI is required.
358 EMPTY_WALLET_ACCOUNT_URI A valid wallet account URI is required.
359 EMPTY_PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_URI A valid payment processor URI is required.
360 INVALID_PARTNER_URI Partner URI is not valid.
361 INVALID_TENANT_URI Tenant URI is not valid.
362 INVALID_MERCHANT_URI Merchant URI is not valid.
363 INVALID_USER_PROFILE_URI User profile URI is not valid.
364 INVALID_CURRENCY_URI Currency URI is not valid.
365 INVALID_FINANCIAL_INSTITUTE_URI Financial institution URI is not valid.
366 INVALID_WALLET_ACCOUNT_URI Wallet account URI is not valid.
367 INVALID_PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_URI Payment processor URI is not valid.
368 INVALID_PAYMENT_IMAGE_CATEGORY_URI Payment image category URI is not valid.
369 INVALID_PAYMENT_IMAGE_URI The payment image URI is not valid.

Balance inquiry status

Code Status Message Description
370 BALANCE_INQUIRY_SUCCESS The account balance was successfully retrieved.
371 BALANCE_INQUIRY_FAILED The account balance could not be retrieved.
372 BALANCE_TEMP_UNAVAILABLE The account balance is temporarily unavailable.
373 BALANCE_NOT_SUPPORTED Balance retrieval is not supported for the account.
374 INVALID_BALANCE_AMOUNT The account balance returned is not a valid amount.
375 INVALID_BALANCE_REQUEST The operation failed due to one or more invalid parameters in the request.

Verification status

Code Status Message Description
380 VERIFICATION_SUCCESS The account has been successfully verified.
381 VERIFICATION_FAILED The account could not be verified due to an unknown error.
382 VERIFICATION_AMOUNT_MISMATCH The amount provided does not match the account verification.
383 VERIFICATION_PERIOD_EXPIRED The time allowed to complete the verification has expired.
384 VERIFICATION_NOT_SUPPORTED Deposit verification is not supported for this account.
385 VERIFICATION_TEMP_NOT_AVAILABLE The verification service is temporarily unavailable.
386 INVALID_VERIFICATION_REQUEST The operation failed due to one or more invalid parameters in the request.
387 VERIFICATION_INITIATED Verification amounts have been deposited, but no match has been submitted.
388 UNSUPPORTED_IIN The Issuer Identification number provided is not in the supported range for verification.

Loyalty card status

Deprecated: Loyalty processing is deprecated and is no longer available.

Code Status Message Description
400 ALLOWED_LOYALTY_CARD_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The number of loyalty cards permitted per user or per type is full.

Loyalty status

Deprecated: Loyalty processing is deprecated and is no longer available.

Code Status Message Description
700 ADD_LOYALTY_POINTS_SUCCESS Loyalty program points were awarded for the transaction.
701 ADD_LOYALTY_POINTS_FAILED Loyalty program points were not awarded.
702 ADD_LOYALTY_POINTS_NOT_SUPPORTED Awarding loyalty points is not a supported operation for the account.
703 INVALID_POINTS_AMOUNT The number of points provided is not a valid points award.
704 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_POINTS_FOR_REFUND_SUCCESS Previously awarded loyalty points were subtracted in conjunction with a refund.
705 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_POINTS_FOR_REFUND_FAILED Previously awarded loyalty points could not be subtracted in conjunction with a refund.
706 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_POINTS_FOR_REFUND_NOT_SUPPORTED Subtracting loyalty points for a refund is not supported.
707 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_PONTS_SUCCESS Points were subtracted successfully.
708 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_POINTS_FAILED Points were not subtracted.
709 SUBTRACT_LOYALTY_POINTS_NOT_SUPPORTED Subtracting loyalty points operation is not supported.
710 ADD_LOYALTY_POINTS_FOR_SALE_SUCCESS Loyalty program points were awarded for the sales transaction.

Issuer status

Code Status Message Description
500 INVALID_TRANSACTION The transaction request is not valid; contact Issuer.
501 SUSPECTED_FRAUD A fraudulent transaction is suspected; contact Issuer.
503 SERVICE_FAULT The Issuer service is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance.

Merchant status

Code Status Message Description
550 MERCHANT_ERROR An error has occurred at the POS terminal.

Full reversal and refund status

Code Status Message Description
600 FULL_REVERSAL_SUCCESS The transaction was successfully reversed and refunded.
601 FULL_REVERSAL_DENIED Reversal of the transaction is not permitted.
602 FULL_REVERSAL_EXT_SYSTEM_FAILED An external system failure prevented the reversal.
603 FULL_REVERSAL_SYSTEM_FAILED A system failure prevented the reversal.
604 FULL_REVERSAL_NOT_POSSIBLE The transaction could not be reversed, possibly because the reversal is not supported or the transaction has already been reversed.
605 TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND_FOR_REVERSAL The referenced transaction could not be found.

Voided payment and refund status

Code Status Message Description
620 VOID_SUCCESS The transaction was successfully voided and refunded.
621 VOID_DENIED Voiding the transaction is not permitted.
622 VOID_EXT_SYSTEM_FAILED An external system failure prevented the void.
623 VOID_SYSTEM_FAILED A system failure prevented the void.
624 VOID_NOT_POSSIBLE The transaction could not be voided, possibly because the transaction has already been canceled or voided or cannot be located.

Add value status

Code Status Message Description
750 ADD_VALUE_SUCCESS Card balance was successfully loaded or reloaded.
751 ADD_VALUE_FAILED Card balance was not loaded.
752 ADD_VALUE_NOT_SUPPORTED Card balance loading or reloading is not supported in the wallet.
753 MAX_VALUE_EXCEEDED The card balance load amount is too high.
754 MAX_BALALNCE_EXCEEDED The load amount will make the total card balance too high.

Card provisioning status

Code Status Message Description
760 CARD_PROVISIONING_SUCCESS The card was added as a payment account in the wallet.
761 CARD_PROVISIONING_FAILED The card was not added as a payment account in the wallet.
762 CARD_PROVISIONING_NOT_SUPPORTED The wallet is not configured for card provisioning.
763 CARD_PROVISIONING_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The wallet already has the maximum number of provisioned payment accounts.
764 CARD_PROVISIONING_DECLINED Provisioning of the card was not authorized.

IDP status

Code Status Message Description
780 IDP_AUTHENTICATION_SUCCESS The credentials were authenticated by the identity processor.
781 IDP_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED The credentials failed authentication by the identity processor.
782 IDP_PROCESSING_ERROR An error occurred during processing.
783 IDP_EXTERNAL_PROCESSING_ERROR An external error occurred during processing.

Multi-step account enrollment status

Code Status Message Description
790 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_SUCCESSFUL The payment account was successfully enrolled in the wallet.
791 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_FAILED The payment account could not be enrolled in the wallet.
792 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CANCELLED The payment account enrollment was canceled.
793 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_EXPIRED The allowed time to complete the payment account enrollment has passed.
794 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CARD_PROVISIONING_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The wallet already contains the maximum number of enrolled payment accounts.
795 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CARD_PROVISIONING_DECLINED The external processor did not authorize the enrollment.
796 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CARD_PROVISIONING_NOT_SUPPORTED The issuing partner is not configured for provisioning.
797 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CRUD_NOT_POSSIBLE Read/Write access of the payment account was prohibited.
798 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_DUPLICATES_NOT_ALLOWED The payment account is already enrolled.
799 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_VERIFICATION_AMOUNT_MISMATCH The deposit amounts entered do not match the verification amounts.
800 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_VERIFICATION_NOT_SUPPORTED The payment account does not support double deposit verification.
801 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_VERIFICATION_TEMP_NOT_AVAILABLE The double deposit data is not yet available for verification.
802 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_INVALID_VERIFICATION_REQUEST The verification request contains invalid values.
803 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_VERIFICATION_INITIATED The system is waiting for the user to provide verification amounts.
804 COMPLETED_PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CANCELLATION_NOT_POSSIBLE The payment account has already been added to the wallet. To remove, use deleteCustomerCardInfo.
805 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_ALREADY_CANCELLED The payment account has already been canceled.
806 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_CONTINUATION_NOT_POSSIBLE Continuation of the enrollment failed, possibly because the enrollment completed, was canceled, or expired.
807 PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ENROLLMENT_SUSPECTED_FRAUD The enrollment triggered a fraud alert. Contact the issuer.

Pay-at-the-table status

Code Status Message Description
810 EXT_SYSTEM_INVOICE_NOT_FOUND The referenced invoice was not located in the external system.
811 EXT_SYSTEM_INVOICE_LOCKED_OR_CLOSED The referenced invoice is locked or closed to updates.
812 EXT_SYSTEM_INVOICE_ITEM_NOT_FOUND A referenced item on the invoice was not located in the external system.
813 EXT_SYSTEM_INVOICE_LOCKED The referenced invoice is locked against updates.
814 EXT_SYSTEM_INVOICE_CLOSED The referenced invoice is already closed out.
815 EXT_SYSTEM_INVALID_OFFER The referenced offer is not valid in the external system.
816 EXT_SYSTEM_INVALID_PAYMENT_TENDER The submitted payment account is not a valid tender in the external system.
817 EXT_SYSTEM_INVALID_INVOICE_REVISION An update to the invoice is not valid.
818 EXT_SYSTEM_ACCEPTANCE_LOCATION_NOT_FOUND The referenced acceptance location was not located in the external system.
819 EXT_SYSTEM_ACCEPTANCE_LOCATION_OFFLINE The referenced acceptance location is offline and cannot process the operation.
820 EXT_SYSTEM_MESSAGE_VALIDATION_FAILED The message to the external system failed validation.

Additional processing status

Code Status Message Description
830 ADDITIONAL_PROCESSING_SUCCESS The supplementary transaction operation was successful.
831 ADDITIONAL_PROCESSING_FAILED The supplementary transaction operation failed.