B2B Customer Care

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW) platform.

The B2B Customer Care (or Wallet Management) APIs enable a WLW issuer to access customer wallets. Merchants can use these methods to assist users with general tasks such as password reset or to perform security and troubleshooting on a customer's wallet.

Status Codes

See the following pages for detailed lists of the B2B status codes:

B2B Customer Care Methods

These are the currently available WLW Customer Care B2B APIs.





Note: Loyalty processing is deprecated so these methods are no longer available.

  • processExternalActivity Deprecated
  • queryActivities Deprecated

PINs, Passcodes, Passwords


Data Objects

Method documentation

Each endpoint exposed through this API represents a specific point of interaction between the calling service (typically the issuing partner backend with which the mobile app is communicating) and the WLW platform. Each method is defined by the request invoked by the calling service and the response returned by WLW to the calling service.

The descriptions of these fields use the following designations:

Data type

The format expected for the value of the field.

Type Description
String Any alpha-numeric combination of characters.
Double A numerical decimal value set to the hundredths place, typically associated with a dollar value.
Object A reference object populated by multiple fields of data.
Integer Any numerical value.
Boolean A true/false data value.
Date A data value that resolves to a specific timestamp.
Enum A data value for which a prescribed list of acceptable values exists.
Array A data value that is actually a list or set of multiple values.
Server The value is populated by the WLW server, therefore the length is preset.


Indicates if the attribute must have a value in order for the method to execute.

Type Description
Required The attribute must be included in the call, but in some cases, may pass a null value.
Optional The attribute can be omitted from the call.
Contextual The attribute is not mandatory, but may be required under specific circumstances. For example, some reference elements require at least one of several transaction identifiers to be present so none of them are mandatory individually, but at least one of them must be populated.

Maximum character length

By default, most field accept 250 characters. Fields that limit their length are called out in the method description tables, for example, 20 char.