iOS SDK Reference

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW).

The WLW iOS SDK Reference describes the methods and utilities used to build and maintain a WLW-powered mobile wallet app that runs on iOS.

SDK endpoints are exposed through a facade layer of functional modules, each of which is governed by a coordinator through which all calls must be directed. See iOS SDK 101 for basic app building setup for WLW iOS.

See iOS Release Notes for changes in this release of the SDK.

The functional modules of the SDK are:

Module Description
Authentication Provides secure access to the app.
BLE Enables remote access to Bluetooth checkout token broadcasting.
Customer Gets issuer-defined user profile properties.
Decoder Allows the app to utilize the device camera to scan a QR Code and collect the checkout token.
Device Uniquely identifies the device within the WLW platform.
Loyalty Connects the wallet with one or more merchant reward programs.
Offers Displays, activates, and redeems promotional offers.
Order Manages remote order history.
Payment Accounts Manages a user's registered payment sources.
Payment Tenders Gets issuer-defined properties for supported payment tenders.
Preferences Manages user app settings.
Push-notifications Secures permission to display app messages on the device outside the app.
Receipt Maintains transaction history.
Registration Creates and manages the user profile associated with the app.
Transactions Engages in mobile wallet purchases, refunds, ATM withdrawals, etc.

Other Resources

Resource Description
Security Requirements WLW's security implementation required for app certification.
WLW SDK Logged Events List of SDK Log Events logged by the WLW SDK.
Developer Logged Events - Logging Utility List of SDK log events that must be logged by the app.
Deprecated methods List of deprecated and removed iOS methods.
Developer Tools iOS Developer tools and utilities.
WLW Android SDK WLW's SDK Guide for Android systems.