iOS SDK - Customer/User Module

Use the endpoint of this module to retrieve profile data for a logged-in user in order to pre-populate form fields such as name, email address, and mailing address in other areas of the app, saving the user from re-entering the data and optimizing the user experience.

Initialize Customer Facade

Prior to invoking any customer module endpoints:

  1. Create a new request object for the relevant coordinator.
  2. Implement the delegate for the coordinator to handle responses.
PDCustomerCoordinator *customerCoordinator = [[PDCustomerCoordinator alloc] init];
	self.customerCoordinator = CustomerCoordinator; [customerCoordinator release];


Gets profile data for the logged-in user (WLW, not SSO).

Tip: Invoke this call immediately after successful authentication to minimize performance impact during app navigation or transaction processing.

Element Value
Method Signature -(void)retrieveCustomerDetails;
Success (void) didFinishRetrievingCustomerInformation: (PDCustomer*)customerInfo;

customerInfo - An instance of the customer profile as stored in the WLW platform.
Failure retrievingCustomerInformationDidFail: (PDPaydiantError*) customerError;

The retrieval action failed.
customerInformationInvocationDidFail:(PDPaydiantError *) customerError; - The call did not reach the customer service.

authenticationDidFail:(PDPaydiantError *) authenticationFailedError;
The user must be logged in to invoke this call.