ios SDK - Error Objects


Defines an instance of a particular error generated by WLW backend or an external system to further distinguish a general server error.

Property Description
errorCode String
Error code generated by the WLW backend.
errorDescription String
Description of the nature of the error generated by WLW’s backend.
externalErrorInformation Array
The set of PDExternalErrorInformation instances identifying any errors as they were returned to the SDK by an external entity.

Note: the errorDescription field is not always suitable for display to the end user.


Defines an error exactly as it is returned to the SDK from an external entity.

Property Description
externalErrorCode String
The numerical code passed by an external entity to the SDK to communicate a specific error.
externalErrorDescription String
An explanation of the error, as provided by the external entity.


The parent error for all exceptions thrown by the SDK. Each error object returned by the SDK identifies an instance of an error that occurred during processing of an SDK operation.

Property Description
description String
The plain language description of the error code set by the SDK at the time of the error occurrence.
statusMessage String
The plain language message sent by the Mobile Gateway.
statusCode Integer
The numeric code representing the cause of the sever error. Refer to Server Responses on page 205 for the complete list of error codes.
rawErrorDescription String
In the event that a system level error occurs, such as a hardware or O/S failure of the mobile device, this attribute will be populated with the Apple-defined error description obtained from the device keychain.
localizedDescription String
A custom message that generalizes the error type.
errorInformation PDErrorInformation
An instance of PDErrorInformation that passes the paymentStatus related to the response from an external entity through WLW’s connector framework.