iOS SDK - Tender Type Objects

Domain Objects


Identifies a specific tender that has been configured for use as a payment account in the wallet. Payment accounts associated with a particular tender type are subject to the metadata requirements for that type such as zip code, security code, PIN, etc.

Property Description
metaDataList PDTenderTypeMetaData
The array of metadata that defines the particular tender type.
imagePath String
The URL path location of the image associated with the tender type.
multiStepEnrollmentTTL Integer
The number of seconds allotted for completion of all steps in a multi-step enrollment.
supportsMultiStepEnrollment Boolean
Specifies if payment accounts of this tender type can be added to the wallet using a variable step process in which, depending on the original data provided, the processor might return a request for more information in order to continue.
supportsProvisioning Boolean
Specifies if the tender type is permitted to generate a new account for the wallet through the card provisioning feature.
paymentAccountType PDPaymentAccountType
Defines the type of payment account associated with this tender; for example, CREDIT, DEBIT, or GIFT.
paymentAccountNetworkType PDPaymentAccountNetworkType
Defines the network processor associated with this tender; for example, VISA or AMEX.