iOS SDK - Payment Tenders Module

Use the endpoints of this module to retrieve the tender types that have been configured for use in the wallet by the issuer in order to design a positive user experience during payment account enrollment. For example, if the issuer only supports gift cards as a valid tender, the app can alert the user and/or prohibit credit card enrollment.

Initialize Tender Type Facade

Prior to invoking any tender type module endpoints:

  1. Create a new request object for the relevant coordinator.
  2. Implement the delegate for the coordinator to handle responses.
PDTenderTypeCoordinator *tenderTypeCoordinator = [[PDTenderTypeCoordinator alloc] init];
	self.tenderTypeCoordinator = TenderTypeCoordinator; [tenderTypeCoordinator release];


Gets the set of all tender types supported by the wallet issuer.

Element Value
Method Signature -(void) retrieveSupportedTenderTypes:(BOOL)provisioningSupportedOnly;

provisioningSupportedOnly - Specifies if the response should restrict the results to only the tender types that allow new payment account enrollment through the app (YES) or if the method should return all tender types (NO).
Success (^FetchSupportedTenderTypesCompletionBlock: (NSArray *listTenderTypes);

listTenderTypes - An array of PDTenderType instances representing all tenders that have been onboarded by the issuer that match the filtering criteria.
Failure (^FetchSupportedTenderTypesFailureBlock;(PDPaydiantError*manageTenderTypeError);

Configure user error messages for this call with the key kUserErrorRetrieveSupportedTenderTypesDomain.

Error Description
500 An unknown error occurred internally in the server.


Gets the details related to a specific tender type that is supported for the wallet.

Element Value
Method Signature -(void) retrieveSpecificSupportedTenderType:(NSString *)aPaymentAccountTypeUri paymentAccountNetworkTypeUri:(NSString *)aPaymentAccountNetworkTypeUri;

aPaymentAccountTypeUri - Paydiant's unique identifier for the type of account represented by the tender, such as credit, debit, gift, etc.
aPaymentAccountNetworkTypeUri - Paydiant's unique identifier for the network processor that authorizes transactions for the tender type, such as Visa, Mastercard, NYCE, etc.
Success (^FetchSpecificSupportedTenderTypeCompletionBlock: (PDPaymentAccount*aPaymentAccount, PDRetrieveSpecificPaymentAccountResponse *response);

aPaymentAccount - The payment account and data requested.
response - The payment account instance plus status information related to the outcome of the call.
Failure (^FetchSpecificSupportedTenderTypeFailureBlock;(PDPaydiantError*manageTenderTypeError);

Configure user error messages for this call with the key kUserErrorRetrieveSpecificSupportedTenderTypeDomain.

Error Description
400 BAD_REQUEST - The specified tender type could not be found.
417 The tender type has not been configured.
500 An unknown error occurred internally in the server.