PayPal integration in the White Label Wallet

v. 8.2

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW) platform.

PayPal’s In-Store platform allows a partner’s branded mobile wallet and the PayPal Braintree SDK to embed the PayPal app integration tool UI within the wallet UI in support of the following integrated functionality:

  • Leverage a user’s PayPal profile to pre-populate the mobile wallet registration form
  • Add a user’s PayPal account as a registered payment tender in the mobile wallet
  • Make a payment using PayPal as the selected tender

This guide describes the steps necessary to implement each of these functional integrations in a branded mobile wallet.

In order to support PayPal profile retrieval or payment functionality in your app, you must integrate the Braintree SDK into your app.

iOS integration

The Braintree iOS SDK requires:

  • Xcode 7+
  • Base SDK iOS 9+
  • Deployment Target iOS 7.0+
  • The Braintree pod added to the Cocoapod podfile

For specific integration instructions, see Braintree iOS SDK.

Android integration

The Braintree Android SDK requires:

  • Android API >= to 15
  • android-maven-plugin 4.1.0+

For specific integration instructions, see Braintree Android SDK.

Integration steps

Follow these steps to integrate your WLW mobile app with PayPal:

  1. Assisted wallet registration
  2. Enroll a PayPal payment account in an existing wallet
  3. Complete a payment using PayPal