White Label Wallet Release Notes

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW) platform.

See your WLW Representative for the complete Release Notes.

Release 10.1

Note: As of December 2019, Loyalty processing is no longer available in the WLW platform.

  • Marked loyalty items as deprecated.

Release 9-11

  • Corrected mis-labelled error codes 404 and 503 in the Access Guidelines section of the B2B Mobile Transaction API Guide.

Release 9-10

Release 9-8

Note: As of September 2019, the SSP Campaign Portal has been removed and is no longer available. Contact your WLW representative if you need more information.

  • The Offer Campaign Portal documentation was removed.

Release 9-7

B2B Customer Card API

B2B Mobile Transaction API

  • Added PaymentAccount to the continuePaymentAccountEnrollment method so that the paymentAccountUri can be returned in the response as part of a multi-step enrollment. The uri field of the EntityIdentifier object stores the paymentAccountUri in the responses of both startPaymentAccountEnrollmentRequest and continuePaymentAccountEnrollment in multi-step processing.

Fuel API

  • Released online version
  • Added additionalPaymentResult attribute to the response of updateFuelEvent to accommodate payments split across different payment types such as transactions using loyalty points.
  • Added retryUpdateFuelEvent and lookupTransaction methods and appropriate objects. Used to recover a pre-auth capture that did not successfully complete.

Release 9-6

  • Released the WLW 3D Secure-2.0 Integration Guide.
  • Removed the Notification Manager documentation.

Release 9-5

B2B Mobile Transaction API

B2B Customer Care

Release 9-4

Two new endpoints were added to the B2B Mobile Transaction Guide:

  • updateCustomerCard
  • refreshCustomerBalances
  • Status codes were added to these methods.

Release 9-2

Release 9-1

  • Removed references to sample apps.

  • B2B Customer Care API: Corrected the URL and name of retrieveCustomerByUri.

Release 9-0

  • Release of the White Label Wallet rebranded documentation files. Paydiant links are redirected to the appropriate WLW location.

Release 8-8

  • B2B Mobile Transaction API: Allow History Retrieval
    Two new B2B endpoints exposed to support historical transaction data retrieval for server-side mobile app architectures. See your WLW representative for this document.

  • Support Event Timestamping for RME
    Notification-triggering events now have a timestamp reflect the time of generation to ensure that queued messages reflect the trigger time rather than the message transmission time.

  • The above changes have no online documentation impact.

  • SSP Campaign Portal: Dynamic expiration campaigns can be cancelled.

Release 8-7

  • Support for DigiCert App Certificates
    The MGW now trusts DigiCert app certificates.

  • Flag Devices Locked Due to Fraud Alerts
    When a device is disabled due to fraud detection, the lock is recorded on the device history to prevent reinstall/registration of a new app instance on the same device.

  • These changes have no documentation impact.

Release 8-6

  • Reporting and Analytics: Added a Store Code filter to certain dashboards.

Release 8-5

Release 8.4

Release 8-3

Release 8-2

The following changes were made to the WLW documentation files: