Reporting and Analytics Guide

Paydiant is now PayPal's WLW (White Label Wallet) platform.

This guide provides an overview of the resources available to merchants and partners from the WLW Data and Analytics Platform. Through both Data Feeds and interactive Dashboards, the platform provides information that merchants can use to learn about how customers are using their mobile application.

What's in this guide?

  • Release history – Highlights updates to the platform as they are released and a history of past changes.
  • Dashboards – Gives merchants a view of their mobile wallet’s performance and includes both reports and analytics.
    • Reports – Provide key information about mobile wallet usage by end users.
    • Analytics – Enable merchants to identify user engagement and behavior within the mobile wallet and compare different segments of users to provide insight into how the user experience can be improved.
  • Data Feeds – Raw data delivered to merchants who require data to be imported into a location such as a data warehouse or CRM (Content Release Management) system.

What's Next?