Fuel Site Monitor


Site Monitor API is a RESTful webservice that provides a list of fuel sites whose connectivity status have changed on or after the timestamp provided by merchants. It includes the current status and reason for the status change for each site returned.

Merchants can use this document to create and maintain a local Site Connectivity database to:

  • Enable troubleshooting of site connectivity issues.
  • Build reporting with a history of site connectivity status.
  • Provide site availability updates to mobile applications or to the store locator used by a mobile application.

In this guide "you" refers to the integration engineer working on behalf of the fuel merchant.


API is available in two WLW environments: Cert (Certification) and Prod (Production).


To use the Site Connectivity APIs:

  • Your GPS (Global Professional Services) representative must review your API requirements before you can receive Certification environment credentials or make calls to the Site Connectivity API Certification environment.

  • Your GPS representative must also review your customer app, planned API usage, and documentation before you can use the Site Connectivity APIs in the Production environment.

  • To successfully invoke the API, obtain the following keys from PayPal for each environment:

    • Access Key and Secret Key
    • API key

Usage limit

You can send only 1 request to this API per minute. Invocation beyond this limit returns an error.


Use AWS Signature to authenticate the merchant. Use the AWS4 signing protocol to sign the request with the AccessKey and SecretKey.

The AWS SDKs are available in different programming languages to sign the request using input keys. See Java and NodeJS for examples in these implementations.