SSP - Campaign Portal for Merchants and Partners

Paydiant is now PayPal's White Label Wallet (WLW) platform.

The WLW Offer Campaign Portal (also referred to as the Self-Service Portal or SSP) enables WLW issuers and merchants to design and publish mobile wallet offers and offer campaigns.

Merchants use offers as a way to incentivize their mobile wallet users to do more mobile payment transactions or to reward users.

  • Offers features lists the design and architecture features in the Offer Campaign Portal.
  • Offers workflow illustrates of how offers work in the mobile wallet.

To use an API to build an offer portal or manage campaigns, see the WLW Offers API Guide (available from your WLW representative).

This document provides information about the basic steps needed to create a new campaign and how to edit an existing campaign using the web-based SSP:

These are some specific topics you may be interested in:

Offers features

The WLW Offer Campaign Portal provides many features that help create a robust and flexible offer campaign:

  • Ad Networks: A single merchant or collections of merchants with similar advertising needs can publish offers into multiple merchant user wallets.
  • Role-based security: The users who can access the campaign portal are identified by different roles.
  • Optional Approver roles: You can require that campaigns are verified before activation.
  • Artifacts: Offer campaign designers can gather the artwork and other artifacts needed to construct the offer to be displayed in a mobile wallet when the offer is accessed on the phone. Artifacts can be tagged by their international locales.
  • Flexible redemption and scheduling: Dynamic redemption scheduling and expiration management offer multiple ways to redemeed an offer.
  • Location and Customer Targeting: You can upload customer IDs to target specific users or identify regional and merchant-specific redemption schemes.
  • Scannable: Offers can generate a QR code that can be scanned by the phone.
  • Coupons: Offers can be generated for redemption by both new and existing users.

Offers workflow

The following diagram illustrates the basic workflow for WLW Offers.