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Note: Be sure to use the Save button before leaving this screen, for example, if you need to locate an image to use in the offer. Otherwise you may time out and lose the details you have entered so far.


An offer campaign has a number of artifacts that display when the offer is selected in the mobile user's wallet. You can tag these artificats with the locale that the artifact is intended for so that when different language/countries are detected by the phone, the appropriate artifact is displayed. Locale is made up of a language code and a country code. You can see a list of language codes and country codes using those links on the Add a locale option.

To begin using locale with offer artifacts, first you need to define the default locale for the campaign. You can then identify the artifacts for that locale. Then, as needed, add additional locales and artifacts and identify which locale they are intended for.

Add a new locale

Enter the default locale for this offer. en-US is displayed as the suggested default. To accept that as the default, enter en-US in the field and ensure that the Set locale as default for campaign is selected before clicking Save.

You need to enter and save the details of all the artifacts for this locale before moving on to add artifiacts for other locales, or to move on to the next portion of the campaign setup. If you have not saved the artifacts for this locale, the system reminds you by displaying the Need to Save button until the required artifacts are saved. Then the button becomes Next.

At any point while adding artifacts for a particular locale, you can instead click Delete Locale and Content to start over with a new locale.

The following fields are used by both Cloud-based and POS-based offers to identify the visual artifact content for the offer.

Offer Title

For POS-processed offers, the offer title is generated using the parameters of the offer. If you do not want to use the automatically-generated title, type in the Offer Title field to change it. This does not change the values used, just the text of the Offer Title.

For most wallet apps, this title appears as the primary text in the offer list view and the detail view. You can see it in the Full Preview. The Offer Title has a maximum length of 25 characters.

Offer Summary

You can enter a brief summary (100 characters maximum) that describes what the offer encompasses. It will also show up on the previews and when the offer displays in the app. This is different from the Summary page that displays a recap of the entire offer after it is completed.


You can describe the offer parameters in detail here. Up to 2000 characters are available.

Terms and Conditions

Enter the text to display as the legal Terms and Conditions of using the offer. A maximum of 500 characters are available. For most apps, this information displays as the final sub-section of the offer detail.

Offer images

You can add two images to the offer: one is a standard Offer image form factor and the other is a Offer thumbnail used for smaller listings. You can use the same image scaled differently in these two formats or use different images.

For images stored on your local computer, you can drag and drop or click here to upload an image. For images stored at a URL site, you can instead provide a link from the web.

The preview to the right initially shows a vertical orientation for the thumbnail image, while the last preview screen shows a horizontal thumbnail listing. Scroll the preview to the center image to see how it will look when the larger format is used.


To help mobile wallet users find your offers, you can optionally enter a set of keywords to use when searching. For example, for an offer that offers $1 off diapers, might use metadata keywords such as baby or mom.

Create keywords so that users can sort, search, and locate the offer

To enter an individual keyword tag, type the tags into the field and press Return.

To load a csv list of keywords, drag the file or click to upload to browse locally and select the file. If you upload a csv file, any tags you typed in are overwritten by the upload file contents.

More locales to set up?

Click Save to store the artifacts for this locale.

Go back to the Add locales and enter the new locale. Be sure the set as default is unselected. Save the new locale and add the artifacts for that locale.

Ready to move on to the next part of the offer?

Click Save to store these details and to move on to the next section of the offer campaign.