Campaign Portal - Coupon Codes

Enter a coupon code for this offer

Coupon campaigns are linked to their parameters using a coupon code. This prompt displays if you selected Coupon Campaign as the Campaign type for this offer campaign.

In the Coupon Code box, enter in the code you would like to be associated with this offer campaign, for example, septemberBlowOut25. Codes are not case sensitive. Codes can be added and deleted from the entry box, but will not be saved until the Next button at the bottom of the page has been clicked.

Note: If you try to back up from this screen in the portal before clicking Next, the coupon code will not be saved. Furthermore, you cannot change the campaign type once a coupon code is entered by clicking on Next here. To change a campaign that has mistakenly been identifed as a coupon campaign, you must delete the bad code and the bad campaign and start again. You cannot just change the type once a coupon code has been linked to the campaign.

A coupon code from the same merchant with the same value cannot be used for multiple campaigns during the same time frame; for example, if a merchant has a campaign with a coupon code septemberDiscount2017 active from September 1 to September 15 and then decides they want to run a similar campaign during the second half of the month, they have to set the start date for a time that has no overlap with the initial campaign (that is, starting September 16) or use a different coupon code.