Campaign Portal - Create a New Offer Campaign

The Offer Campaign Portal pages walk you through the creation of an offer campaign using the following basic steps:

See the Offer Campaign Checklist for an overview of everything in an offer campaign.

You will be able to select the right components for the offer you wish to construct if you understand a few basic concepts about WLW offers:

POS versus cloud offers

Offers can be calculated at the merchant's register (POS processed) or the discount can be calculated by the WLW platform (Cloud processed):

  • POS processed offers have their calcuation performed by the merchant's POS or a third-party processor, but the calcuation of the discount being applied is not done by the WLW cloud. Once the calculation is complete, this discount is then sent to WLW platform which applies the discount to the transaction. Any offers that specify an item, such as Spend $10, get a hat are processed by the POS. Coupons are also considered POS-processed offers.

  • Cloud processed means the calculation is in the WLW platform. After the WLW platform calculates the percentage discount or the flat value discount, the discount is applied to the transaction. Cloud-processed offers are value based only, such as Spend $10, get $1 off or Get $5 off on Thursdays. Cloud-based offers cannot involve SKUs.

Which type of calculation a particular merchant uses is based on the merchant's infrastructure. The decision is coded into an acceptancelocation's specifications.

Multiple merchant offers

Typically offers are created for one specific merchant, however, you can design campaigns where offers can be redeemed by the mobile wallet users of multiple merchants.

If you want to create a campaign that can be redeemed at multiple merchants, the offers must use the same processing type (POS-based or Cloud-based) across a single merchant for the same campaign. In other words, for each merchant involved in an offer campaign, the offers must be either POS-based or Cloud-based.

So, if you want to create a campaign that can be redeemed at multiple merchants with different processing types, just duplicate the campaign for each processing type. Note, however, that these two campaigns will not be linked and you must adjust the total number of available activations across the entire set of merchants accordingly.

Starting a new offer campaign

When you log into the Campaign Portal, click New Campaign. The Offer Campaign Portal will walk you through a series of pages where you can add the artificates and other specifications needed to design the campaign. Your prompts will be adjusted as you specify the type of campaign being designed. You can save the campaign along the way and return to it to complete the design.