Campaign Portal - Offer Campaign Checklist

Use this checklist to determine the information you will need to create a new offer campaign.

Action Information
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Create users Managing users
Create a new campaign Create a new Offer Campaign
Setup Merchants for this offer.
Campaign type, name, and description. POS or Cloud-based, campaign name insternally, internal description of campaign.
POS external links. Used if your offer uses an External ID to identify targeted users.
Cloud-based calculations. Used if your offer is calculated in the wlw Cloud.
Can you combine offers?
Can you refund offers?
Number of total activations you want to allow for this campaign?
Number of customer activations you want to allow per customer.
Content Artifacts and specifics
Locales used to tag offer artifacts by language and region.
Offer title: Name that appaears in the wallet.
Offer summary: Describes offer to users.
Details: Specifics that describe the offer and display in the wallet.
Terms and Conditions: Legal text for offer.
Offer images: Thumbnail and listing artwork.
Metadata: Option keywords users can use to find offer.
Redemption When the offer can be redeemed including expiration.
Specify merchants Identify specific merchants associated with offer.
Identify specific locations Identify targeted locations
Date and time when offer is valid: Redemption dates and times.
Coupons: If you are creating a coupon campaign, identify the coupon code.
Targeting What kind of targeting? Targeting using customer URIs, External IDs, Scannable (prospect) offers, Dynamic expirations
Uploading targeted customer files: Uploaded files need to be in the proper format for the type of file being uploaded.
How is this offer activated? Do users have to ask to activate or is the offer automatically activated?
What happens if there are failures during the processing?: Keep processing or fail?