Campaign Portal - Redemption

Use the Redemption page to refine where and when the offer can be redeemed:

Add all the locations for specific merchants

By default, the All existing and future locations option is checked. This means that any mobile wallet user can redeem the offer at any location associated with the campaign's Selected Merchants, regardless of where those merchant locations are. If you add acceptance locations to these merchants, those locations will be able to redeem this offer as well, within the expiration guidelines.

Identify specific locations

If you instead want to identify specific merchant locations as a way to incentivize sales at that location, deselect the All existing and future locations and click Select Locations to include or exclude entire merchants. You can also target specific users.

A grid of that merchant's locations displays. Check the ones you want to include in the campaign. You can filter locations by Merchants, Names, Cities, States, or Zips. No other locations for that merchant will be included in this offer. A tally keeps track of how many locations you have selected.

If you decide to include all the locations after all, you can reset that location by clicking on All existing and future locations. The locations for that merchant then disappear from the grid and all that merchant's locations can redeem the offer.

Save a location list

You can also save the list of locations by clicking Save for future use. A dialog box displays to let you enter a name for your location list. Then when you go to the Redemption page, this list will be offered for you to select.

See Using Location Lists for more details.

Click Next to save the offer so far.

For Coupon campaigns, you next see Enter a coupon code for this offer.

If the campaign type you chose was Dynamic Expiration or Other, you are sent to the Targeting page where you can identify a list of specific users to target this campaign to. Coupon campaigns cannot be targeted to specific users because by definition anyone who has the coupon can use it.

When will your offer be valid?

Set the dates/times for the campaign start and end dates/times and when the offer can be redeemed. The campaign start and end dates define the Expiration specification for the campaign. The Redemption Schedule defines specific dates and times when offers can be redeemed within the campaign start and end expiration time span.

By default, the an offer campaign uses a schedule of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you prefer, you can define a detailed Redemption Schedule within that span of time to more precisely identify when the offer can be redeemed.

Time format

Dates and times refer to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To check the UTC time in other time zones, click the UTC question mark. This displays the EST, CST, MST, and PST times for the currently set UTC time.

24/7 redemptions

To use the default 24/7 Redemption Specification, click the calendar icon and select the campaign start and end dates. The box displays the criteria of the default specification.

Specific date and time redemptions

To refine the Redemption Schedule by day of the week or date of the month, click the Clock icon.

To have an offer redeemable Monday through Friday, add 5 separate schedules, one for Monday, one for Tuesday, one for Wednesday, etc. Each day schedule defines the redemption hours for that day. The results display in sentence format in the box as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Every day of the month.

Schedules are valid if they occur at least once during the specific time frame for the campaign.

The message There are invalid redemption schedule days between Offer Start Date and Offer End Date indicates the schedules do not fall within the expiration specification time span. Return to the schedule screen and try again, keeping the expiration dates in mind.