Campaign Portal - Setup

The Setup page lets you define the merchants and some basic details about the campaign.

Select the merchants for this offer

Use the pull-down to identify the merchants for this campaign. The list of available merchants is divided by processing type, POS Merchants or CLOUD Merchants. You can select the entire group or individual merchants. This list is populated based on the Ad Network and acceptance location settings.

Keep in mind that:

POS offers:

  • Do not prompt for percentage discounts since that calculation is done by the merchant, not the WLW Cloud.
  • Prompt for for an externalID (the link to the merchant processing) or a SKU to identify an item that is part of the offer.
  • Coupons are only available for POS-processed merchant offers.

Cloud offers:

  • Prompt for the percentage or value discount to apply.

Name your campaign and add a brief description

This section lets you define the type and name of the campaign. Depending on the type of campaign, your prompts may be slightly different.

Campaign type

Used to drive the design of the campaign. Use the pull-down to select one of the campaign types for this campaign:

Processing Type Description
Coupon POS only A campaign that uses a printed or displayed "coupon" that anyone can use to get a discount.
Dynamic Expiration POS and Cloud Typically offers in a campaign expire all at once. Offers that belong to campaigns set to Dynamic Expiration are each assigned their own expiration date and time. For example, a birthday discount campaign uses a dynamic expiry.
Other POS and Cloud Used for scannable offers and the traditional wallet-only type of offers.

Your choice here may change subsquent prompts as appropriate for the type of campaign you want to create.

Campaign name

Enter the name for the campaign. The name is required.

Campaign description

The Campaign description is an optional field used to further describe the campaign.

These fields are not visible to mobile wallet users using the offer; they are used internally by the Campaign Portal to identify the campaign.

Click Next to bring up the next set of details for this offer campaign.

Does your campaign use an external ID?

For POS-processed offers, the merchant can enter a code here to associate the offer with something external to the WLW Platform, such as the offer code on the merchant's POS system. This value is supplied by the merchant.

Enter the SKUs for this offer

If the offer includes the SKU for items, enter it here. You can enter the codes individually or a csv list of SKU codes. The SKUs are passed to the POS. Leave the field blank if you are not using SKUs as part of the campaign.

Skip to Can this offer be combined with another?.

Cloud-based calculations

If the merchants use Cloud-based processing, the value of the offer is set using the prompts described here.

Here is a sample set of values:

Minimum Purchase Discount Type Amount Results in the Offer Title of
10 % 1 Spend $10 get $1 off

Minimum Purchase

Enter the minimum that the mobile wallet customer must spend in order to take advantage of this offer. The least you can enter is $.01. If you do not want the offer to use that value in the title, edit the Offer Title field below.

Discount Type

Use the pull-down to select if this offer is based on a flat dollar value $ or a percentage %.


Depending on the selection of the previous field, enter either the percentage or value to adjust the total.

Can this offer be combined with another?

By default a campaign stipulates that the mobile user can use only one of these offers within the same transaction. You can change that behavior here.

To allow the mobile wallet user to use more than one offer from this campaign on the same transaction, set to Yes. That means all offers generated as part of this campaign can be combined with other offers in a single transaction.

Can this offer be refunded?

By default, the mobile user cannot get a refund on an offer in this campaign. To make the offer refundable, set to Yes.

If an offer is refundable, the purchase receipt where this offer was redeemed now displays in the list of receipts that are eligible for refund. The amount that can be refunded is the amount that the offer used as a discount. If the offer is indeed refunded, the offer returns to the My Offers tab in the mobile wallet so that it could potentially be used again.

If the offer has expired since the purchase, it is not returned to the My Offers tab.

Note: If you selected Coupon Campaign as the Campaign Type, this field will default to Yes and is hidden from view.


Before an offer can be redeemed, it must be activated in the mobile user's wallet either automatically or manually. This is different from activating the campaign. See Summary, approvals, and activation for details about making the campaign available by activating it.

An offer can be made immediately usable by the mobile wallet user when the offer shows up in their wallet and it falls into the redemption schedule dates (automatic activation), or you can design the campaign so that mobile wallet user must explicitly activate the offer by selecting it or setting it to active (manual activation). You can also control the total number of activations allowed in this campaign and the number of activations allowed per customer.

How many total activations do you want to allow?

The Total Number of Activations field is used to limit the number of times this offer can be made active across the entire campaign. Once the total number of activations limit has been met, no mobile wallet users can activate the offer, even if the campaign is still active.

You can use the number of activations to halt a live campaign. If you make the total number of activations less than the number of activations that have already occurred, no further activations are permitted. This technique can be used if a campaign has a mistake in it. Resetting the activation total is often preferable to deleting a campaign because once a campaign is deleted it is removed from the portal and cannot be used as the basis for a duplicate campaign.

When an offer can no longer add activations, it no longer displays in the Available offers list of qualified wallets. However, the activation pool can re-gain activations if any mobile wallet users who previously activated the offer subsequently remove it from their Activated (My Offers) list. Removing activated offers from the My Offers list frees up that number of activations. In that case the offer again becomes visible in the Available list until the limit is again exhausted. This can occur multiple times during the life cycle of the offer.

Note: This setting is ignored for scannable offers and coupons because they are automatically activated when the campaign becomes active.

How many activations are allowed per customer?

Use the pull-down to indicate how this offer is activated:

Typically you want a mobile wallet user to be able to activate an offer only once, in which case you should enter 1 here. If you want to allow the same mobile wallet user to be able to activate and use this offer multiple times, enter the maximum number of activations that a single customer can use here.

See also Summary, approvals, and activation for more information about activating the campaign.