Campaign Portal - Summary, Approvals, and Activation

The summary and activations page is used to:

  • Review your offer details with the Offer summary.
  • If your Ad network requires Approvals, you can send your offer to the Approver before activating it.
  • Activate the offer to make it available to mobile wallet users.

Offer Summary

The Summary screen gives you an opportunity to review the details you have set for this campaign and to see how the offers will look in the Preview approximation. You can also click on most of the details and make changes from this screen. Or use the pencil icon to open it for editing.

Full Preview

Click to see a rendering of how the offer will look on both iOS and Android devices. The left display shows how the offer looks in various summary settings. The right display shows the offer detail. Use the pull-down to select iOS or Android. These previews are just approximations and may not match your offers exactly.

Progress bar

You can click any of the nodes in the progress bar to return to that portion of the offer to change it.


If your Ad Network includes an Offer Approval role, the Submit for Approval button displays along with the Save as Pending button. If the offer is ready, click Submit for Approval. An email is sent to the Offer Approver and you can find this campaign in the Approval listings. If the offer is not yet ready, click Save as Pending to store any changes so you can return later to complete the offer.

Activate or Submit for Approval

Depending on how your campaign roles are structured, at this point you can either submit the offer for approval or activate it.


If no Offer Approver role is assigned to this Ad Network, the Activate button displays. If you are not ready to activate it just yet, you can click Save as Pending and return to make edits to the campaign details later.

Clicking Activate in a non-approval Ad Network makes the offer available in accordance with the redemption schedule, targeting list, merchants associated with this Ad Network, and issuers who have subscribed to this Ad Network. The campaign now displays in the Active listing.

Note: Once the campaign has been activated, you will be unable to change the campaign type from your selection of Coupon, Dynamic Expiration, or Other.

If you are creating a coupon campaign, make sure to check the bottom of the summary page; the coupon code you entered on the previous page should be listed in the bottom left of the screen.