Add payment checkout to an app with Native Checkout SDK

Add checkout to an iPhone or Android app

SDKBetaLast updated: April 18th 2022, @ 9:40:08 am

The Native Checkout SDK enables you to provide a secure and safe payment solution for your mobile app. You can add a Pay Now checkout experience that captures funds as soon as the buyer approves the cart total and customization options. The SDK supports client-side and server-side integrations.

The Native Checkout SDK provides an in-context mobile experience that keeps your existing server-side integration intact. The SDK is similar to the PayPal web checkout, while offering a faster, more streamlined experience for mobile users.

Availability: The Native Checkout SDK is currently only available for select customers and requires PayPal approval. If you're interested in integrating this SDK, contact us at

How it works

Native Checkout Flow

  1. Customer fills their shopping cart.
  2. Customer logs in to PayPal.
  3. Customer agrees to terms and conditions.
  4. Customer selects their shipping address and funding source.
  5. Customer is shown an order confirmation.


The Native Checkout SDK is eligible for the following:

  • Android and iOS.
  • Customers in any region.
  • Merchants in the US and Europe.
  • One-time payments, including authorization and capture.

Note: The Native Checkout SDK doesn't support the following:

  • Adding or removing funding sources.
  • Billing agreements.
  • In-person point of sale (PoS) transactions.
  • Multi-seller payments.
  • Pay Later.

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