CreateBillingAgreement API Operation (NVP)


Creates a billing agreement with a PayPal account holder. Valid for reference transactions only.

CreateBillingAgreement Request Message

CreateBillingAgreement Request Fields

Field Description


(Required) Must be CreateBillingAgreement.


(Required) The time-stamped token returned in the SetExpressCheckout response.

Note: The token expires after three hours.

Character length and limitations: 20 single-byte characters

CreateBillingAgreement API Response Message

CreateBillingAgreement Response Fields

Field Description


Identification number of the billing agreement. When the buyer approves the billing agreement, it becomes valid and remains valid until it is canceled by the buyer.

Note: For reference transactions, you can pass a billing agreement ID in the ReferenceID request field; also, a billing agreement ID is returned in the transaction response when the transaction referenced is a billing agreement.

Character length and limitations: 19 single-byte alphanumeric characters

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