Regional differences for Website Payments Pro

The Website Payments Pro solution can be implemented by UK, Canadian and US Merchants. For the most part, this solution works exactly the same in each of these countries. This means that to integrate Website Payments Pro, UK and Canadian merchants can use the same information as US merchants. There are a few minor differences, however, that Canadian and UK merchants should note before they start to integrate. These are listed below:

  • For UK merchants, the DoDirectPayment state field is optional.
  • UK merchants must send the issue date and issue number if present on the buyer’s card for Maestro and Solo debit cards in the DoDirectPayment request.
  • For UK customers, the limit for any transaction is 5,500 GBP. (It is 10,000 USD for US customers.)
  • In the UK, Website Payments Pro accepts Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard and Solo.
  • UK merchants can find Express Checkout buttons here:
  • In Canada, Website Payments Pro accepts Visa and Mastercard. It does not accept Interac.
  • For Canadian customers, the limit for any transaction is 12,500 CAD. (It is 10,000 USD for US customers.)