PayPal Payments Standard Overview

Using PayPal Payments Standard and HTML coding, you can integrate PayPal with your website or e-commerce application. With PayPal Payments Standard, you add buttons for different kinds of payments to your webpages. Shoppers click the payment buttons to pay for their purchases.

Payment Buttons

PayPal Payments Standard lets you add these kinds of HTML payment buttons to your website.

Buy Now button example
Sell single items in various quantities with
Buy Now buttons

Donate button example
Accept monetary contributions with
Donate buttons

Add to Cart button example
Sell multiple items at one time with
Add to Cart buttons

Subscribe Button example
Sign people up for recurring payments with
Subscribe buttons

Gift Certificate Button example
Sell gift certificates for your website with
Buy Gift Certificate buttons (pdf)

Tools on the PayPal website let you design and generate HTML code for your own payment buttons. If you are comfortable with HTML coding, you can write the code for your payment buttons yourself using HTML authoring tools of your choice. See the HTML Variables for PayPal Payments Standard to get started writing your own HTML code for PayPal Payments Standard buttons.

Integrate your Shopping Cart

Use the Cart Upload command.

Additional PayPal integration features using PayPal Payments Standard

Payment Data Transfer — Receive completed transaction information when shoppers return from the PayPal website, and display a printable receipt; requires advanced programming skills.

Instant Payment Notification — Receive messages about transaction payments and activity from PayPal through asynchronous, server-to-server communication and automate your online payments with your order fulfillment process; requires advanced programming skills;

Additional Resources

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