Digital Goods

Whether you're a game developer selling virtual goods, currencies or a media developer selling news content, video, blogs, music or any other premium digital media our solution, PayPal for Digital Goods, is the optimal solution for selling digital content.

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Note: Express Checkout Digital Goods is no longer available for new integrations. This feature remains available for merchant accounts that already have Express Checkout Digital Goods enabled.

Using Adaptive Payments or Express Checkout APIs, developers can:

  • Integrate an in-context, frictionless payment experience. Your consumers do not leave the game, news site, video, blog or any other premium content you're selling!
  • Take advantage of our special price for micropayments. 5 cents + 5% = giving you more back on every dollar you sell!
  • Get paid immediately on the sales of content. Once a sale completes, you see it in your PayPal account!
  • Immediately reach a global audience. 94+ million active PayPal account users!
  • Leverage our fraud and risk expertise. Help protect your business and your customers!

PayPal for Digital Goods

This chart compares the flavors of PayPal for Digital Goods: Express Checkout and Adaptive Payments.

Digital Goods chart with Express Checkout and Adaptive Payments