Use Case Overview

These PayPal use cases describe business scenarios that you can address, using PayPal products. The use cases also point to PayPal products that you can use to implement solutions.

Web Checkout

Use Case Related Products
Selling Digital Goods on a Website
Returning Funds to Customers
Managing a Storefront for Physical or Digital Goods
Accepting Payments for Multiple Items on a Website (Shopping Carts)
Accepting Payments for a Single Item on a Website

Subscriptions (Including Freemium)

Use Case Related Products
Accepting Payments for Usage
Accepting Online Subscription Payments

Enterprise Payments

Use Case Related Products
Tracking and Paying Affiliate Fees
Sending Billing and Invoice Statements
Managing Business Payments
Distributing Rebate Payments Online
Marketplace Payouts


Use Case Related Products
Accepting Payments from a Mobile Website
Contacting Customers through Location-Based Services


Use Case Related Products
Providing Instant Rebates for Local Purchases
Providing Vouchers for Local Businesses
Accepting Admission Fees for Events


Use Case Related Products
Tracking Payments of Group Dues
Raising Funds for an Organization or Project
Encouraging Online Gift-Giving
Enabling Fund Transfers within a Group
Creating and Using Virtual Currencies
Accepting Shared Payments and Group Gifts
Accepting Payments for Online Game Subscriptions
Accepting Payments for Online Content (Including Paywalls)

Reporting Applications

Use Case Related Products
Tracking and Reporting on Customer Account Activity
Managing Orders and Creating Transaction Reports
Creating Online User Accounts
Aggregating and Reporting on Transaction Data