Test REST API transactions

PayPal provides a Sandbox environment for you to review transactions related to your API calls. The Sandbox Transactions dashboard lets you see test transactions tied to your account, while the Sandbox Manager lets you create test buyer and seller accounts. When you sign up, you'll automatically be given a Business account in the Sandbox that is tied to your developer account.

Note: Before you read this guide, you should first register and learn how to make your first call.

Tip: In addition to the Sandbox Transactions dashboard, PayPal provides a Live Transactions dashboard. Both dashboards provide histories of the transactions (API calls) made by applications in their respective environment. The dashboards display details such as the date of the transaction, type of transaction, status, amount, as well as the details of the API call, such as the request and response messages. The dashboards enable you to view the call history for all apps or a specific app.

Test credit card payments

Note: Direct credit card payment and related features are restricted in some countries.

With each successful API call, the transaction appears in the Recent Transactions tab of the dashboard.

  1. Use the API to create a credit card payment.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Go to the Dashboard to review either Sandbox > Transactions Live > Transactions.

Note: For Sandbox calls, you can use any fictitious credit card number that complies with "mod 10", including credit cards provided in your Sandbox test accounts.

Test PayPal payments

To test PayPal payments, you'll need a Personal account in the Sandbox Manager to see the transaction from the perspective of the buyer.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the left, click on the Sandbox > Accounts link.
  3. Click the Create Account button.
  4. Complete the form, ensuring that you select the Personal radio button to create a buyer account.
  5. Click the Create Account button at the end of the form.
  6. Use the API to create a PayPal payment.
  7. When buyer approval is required for the PayPal payment, use the Personal account to approve the payment by entering the email address and password you set.
  8. Use the API to execute the completed payment.
  9. Log in to the Sandbox test site using the Personal account to review the details of the completed payment.

Learn more about using the PayPal REST API to accept PayPal payments.

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