API Basics

PayPal offers both RESTful and name-value pair (NVP) and SOAP interfaces to help you create a payments solution that meets your needs. These interfaces enable you to incorporate PayPal functionality into your website applications and mobile apps.

PayPal interface Description See
REST APIs These APIs use HTTP methods and a RESTful endpoint structure. The authorization framework is OAuth 2.0. The request and response payloads are in JSON format. REST APIs Get Started
NVP/SOAP APIs These APIs support both NVP- and SOAP-formatted calls. Some APIs also support JSON-formatted payloads. NVP/SOAP APIs Get Started

Developer process

To develop applications that use PayPal interfaces:

  1. Register as a PayPal developer.
Click Sign Up on the PayPal Developer site.
  1. Learn how to make PayPal API calls.
Get Access Token PayPal NVP/SOAP APIs Get Started
  1. Prepare to test in the sandbox.
Create an app for testing Create sandbox accounts
  1. Use the correct endpoints.
REST API reference NVP/SOAP API endpoints
  1. Use the correct credentials.
Authentication and authorization Create and Manage NVP/SOAP API Credentials
  1. See integration documentation.
PayPal NVP/SOAP solutions and APIs
  1. Test your application in the sandbox.
Manage your applications PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide
  1. Go live with your application.
Manage your applications Go Live with Your Application

Support, documentation, and other resources

Reference and other resources are available at the following locations: