Install the REST SDK

To begin working with the PayPal REST APIs, install one of the available SDKs in your preferred language. The benefit of using an SDK over a direct integration is, the SDK handles authentication for you by obtaining your OAuth 2.0 access token and the SDK automatically reflects any payment API updates.

To install the PayPal REST SDK, type this command in a Terminal window or a command prompt:

npm install paypal-rest-sdk
// Prerequisites: PHP 5.3 or above
// cURL, json & openssl extensions must be enabled

composer require "paypal/rest-api-sdk-php:*"
// System library dependancies: libssl-dev, libffi-dev

// Debian systems
apt-get install libssl-dev libffi-dev

// easy_install method
easy_install paypalrestsdk

// pip method
pip install paypalrestsdk
gem install paypal-sdk-rest
// Maven pom.xml file

// Gradle
repositories {
dependencies {
  compile 'com.paypal.sdk:rest-api-sdk:+'
// Run in NuGet package manager
PM> Install-Package PayPal


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