Use the Payouts API to create and show details for batch and single payouts. Before you use the Payouts API, learn how to make your first call.

Use the Payouts API to send multiple individual payouts in one API call to an email address or US mobile phone number.

Note: Payouts are available everywhere that Mass Payments are available. Any payouts that you send through the Payouts API appear as Mass Payments in your PayPal account and in Mass Payment reports.

Payout modes

The Payouts API processes payouts in either asynchronous or synchronous mode:

Payout mode Applies to Parameter Description
Asynchronous Batch or single payouts sync_mode=false Default mode.
Specify multiple individual payouts in one API call. You can show the payout status at a later time.
Synchronous Single payouts sync_mode=true Specify one payout. Payout status appears immediately at time of payout.

Payout requests in either mode accept the same request data.

Duplicate payout requests

PayPal prevents duplicate batches from being processed. If you specify a sender_batch_id that was used in the last 30 days, the API rejects the request and returns an error message that indicates the duplicate sender_batch_id and includes a HATEOAS link to the original batch payout with the same sender_batch_id. If you receive an HTTP 5nn status code, you can safely retry the request with the same sender_batch_id. In any case, the API completes a payment only once for a specific sender_batch_id that is used within 30 days.

Payout fees

The sender pays payout fees at transaction time.

Payout type Fee
US-sent domestic payouts through the Payouts API $0.25 USD flat per transaction.
Canadian-sent domestic payouts $0.32 CAD flat per transaction.
US- and Canadian-sent cross-border payouts 2% of each transaction.
Capped at $20 USD and $23 CAD respectively.
Payouts sent from any other country Same as Mass Payments.

The funding PayPal account for a payout request must hold the total payout amount plus any fees in the currency being sent. A payout item has these limits but the maximum total payout amount is unlimited:

Country Individual payout maximum Total payout maximum
U.S. $10,000.00 USD Unlimited.
Other countries Depends on the payments standard sending limit Unlimited.

Enable payouts

By default, the Payouts feature is enabled in the sandbox environment. Merchants in the U.S. with a business account can enable Payouts in the live environment.

Note: Merchants in other countries must contact their account manager or customer service to enable Payouts in the live environment.

To enable payouts:

  1. Go to My Account and log in.

  2. Click the Enable link to enable Payouts. Complete the questionnaire.

  3. After you are approved for Payouts, create a PayPal app or navigate to your apps.

  4. Enable Payouts for your app.

Payout status

You can show details for all items in a batch payout or an individual payout. Payout details include the payout status.

To show details for all items in your batch payout, use the payout_batch_id from the batch response.

To show details for an individual payout item, use the payout_item_id for an item from the batch response. You can show item details even if the transaction failed, such as when PayPal declines the payout.

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