Try the PayPal Checkout button

Our customizable, working code allows you to change the color, size, and shape of the Checkout button. Give it a try and then click the button to preview your buyer’s checkout experience.

The safer, easier way to pay
Don’t see the secure PayPal browser? We’ll help you re-launch the window to complete your purchase.
  env: 'sandbox',
  client: {
    sandbox: 'demo_sandbox_client_id'
  style: {
    color: 'gold',   // 'gold, 'blue', 'silver', 'black'
    size:  'medium', // 'medium', 'small', 'large', 'responsive'
    shape: 'rect'    // 'rect', 'pill'
  payment: function (data, actions) {
    return actions.payment.create({
      transactions: [{
        amount: {
          total: '0.01',
          currency: 'USD'
  onAuthorize: function (data, actions) {
    return actions.payment.execute()
      .then(function () {
        window.alert('Thank you for your purchase!');
}, '#paypal-button');

Next, learn how to integrate PayPal Checkout Smart Payment Buttons with your web browser, web server, and mobile app.

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