PayPal for Visual Studio Code

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With PayPal for Visual Studio Code, you can:

  • Get started with a PayPal sample application.
  • Easily access code snippets.
  • Quickly access documentation.
  • Build and test PayPal integrations.
  • Experiment with new code examples and programming techniques.
  • See API and event logs in the Developer Dashboard.


You can find and install the PayPal Visual Studio Code extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace.


Get started with sample app

You can download PayPal code samples directly into Visual Studio Code. Select a sample under PayPal Samples, then choose an integration from the Command Palette.

Specify where you want to download code samples to your Visual Studio Code workspace. Select the PayPal logo and select the sample.

Tip: To get a client ID and client secret for your app, check out Get started with PayPal REST APIs.

Find code snippets

The code snippets module provides a library of pre-defined code snippets in programming languages such as Java, Node, and Python.

You can use PayPal API names, such as PayPalCreateOrder, to insert code snippets into the Visual Studio Code editor. This feature is available for all PayPal APIs. You can also add APIs directly from Visual Studio Code.

Tip: Tab through sample tokens to replace them with tokens specific to your application.

The following links are available directly in the extension:

Use Command Palette

This extension supports commands through the Command Palette of Visual Studio Code.

To see a full list of PayPal-related commands, select View > Command Palette, and then type >PayPal.

Help and feedback

To ask for help from the PayPal community, read FAQs, or contact us, visit PayPal Developer support.

See also

PayPal REST API references

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PayPal Codespaces

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