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Paypal IPN always return "payment_status: Pending" on sandbox?

I'm trying to implement PayPal on my website. I use this class: Right now I'm…

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answers 12

IPN vs PDT in Paypal

I'm having some trouble choosing between PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT). Basically, users buy a one-off…

votes 92
answers 2

How to send money to any paypal account

Is it possible to send money using paypal API to any paypal account (not just to API credentials owner). I know that it's possible to do that using…

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answers 2

PayPal Rest API - Update Billing Plan Return URL

I have been using the PayPal Rest API and have successfully created and activated a BillingPlan but I'm having trouble updating said plan's…

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answers 1

Subscriptions with Paypal IPN

I am adding subscriptions to a site using Paypal IPN which works very well, I can successfully create a new subscription and verify it. The…

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answers 4

PayPal Express Checkout with Omnipay not showing order in Sandbox account

I have used the Omnipay PayPal_Express checkout script on my site and everything works fine when I pay for an order except the order doesn't show in…

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answers 2

PayPal SOAP and NVP

I am new to PayPal and i want to know which is batter way to implement PayPal, SOAP or NVP API. And what is the major difference between these…

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answers 4

Django & PayPal integration

I am designing a website in Python (using Django), and I need to sell things through it. Can somebody help me with the source code to integrate the…

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answers 3

How to get the full transaction details in paypal using the payment_id in paypal android sdk

I am using the paypal android sdk 2.14.1. When I make the payment by the sdk, then it give the following response, { "response": { "state":…

votes 5
answers 3

Paypal Form Ruins My ASP.NET webforms layout -> How to Solve?

I am a student who is doing up a simple website in My problem is, I wish to integrate Paypal on one of the pages, but has the…

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answers 2

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