3rd Party Solutions Overview


PayPal recognizes that not every business is building its digital commerce experience in-house. If you are one of those businesses, PayPal has good news for you. More than 300 eCommerce solution providers already offer a PayPal integrated option out of the box. Following is a snapshot of the most popular eCommerce and ERP platforms that offer PayPal integration capabilities.

For a more comprehensive list of 3rd party solution platforms, see the Solution Providers Directory.

Note: To use a third-party shopping cart, you need to set up third-party permissions for the provider as described in Granting a third party permissions. For additional instructions, refer to the documentation from the shopping cart provider. No shopping cart specific instructions are available on this site. For transaction errors, see API error codes.

Online stores

Whether you are updating your existing shopping cart to set-up your PayPal integration or you are comparing different platforms for a new online store, the following ecommerce providers offer a variety of out-of-the-box or custom cart configurations. Online stores are further categorized based on the level of customization offered in the solution:


Marketplace solution providers allow you to set up a personal storefront within a sellers' conglomerate or specialty platform.



Website solution providers specialize in full-scale design, development, and systems integration services for your eCommerce website. Explore PayPal's full websites provider directory.

In-person payments

In-Person solution providers help you integrate your POS system to accept mobile payments using PayPal for both remote orders that pick-up in store, or full in-store transactions at the point of sale. Explore PayPal's full in-person provider directory.

Order forms

Does your business rely on more complex ordering capabilities? PayPal works with several solution providers that offer form design, management, logistics, and payments to help you streamline your supply chain. Explore PayPal's full order forms provider directory.


Accounting solution providers offer tools for integrating PayPal into your financial management strategy, from invoicing, to recurring subscription billing, to payroll. Explore PayPal's full accounting provider directory.


Fundraising solution providers specialize in providing support for the unique needs of non-profits and clubs, including membership management, event registration, crowd-sourcing, and fundraising. Explore PayPal's fundraising provider directory.

Entertainment and Promotions

Ticket sales and event booking require a different kind of website than a traditional online store. PayPal works with a variety of solution providers that understand the unique challenges of the entertainment, travel, and sports sales and marketing platforms. Explore PayPal's entertainment and promotions provider directory.