Integrate Log in with PayPal with Identity API

Streamline account creation and log in for your website or app

docscurrentLast updated: April 24th 2024, @ 3:47:01 pm

Log in with PayPal uses the Identity API to enable users to create an account for your website or app and log in using their PayPal credentials. If users already have an account for your website or app, they can link their account to their PayPal account.

Log in with PayPal uses OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect to securely log in users and manage permissions. PayPal stores user data so you don't have to.

Once logged in, user-information fields can be pre-filled so your users can quickly and confidently share their personal information with you. You can also validate user information for activities such as payouts, delivery-fee calculations, and more.

How it works

Consent Flow

  1. User selects Log in with PayPal.
  2. User logs in to their existing PayPal account or creates a PayPal account.
  3. User agrees to share some basic, non-financial account information with you, such as their name, email, and address.
  4. User is redirected back to your website or app. PayPal informs the user that they're being redirected to a site that isn't covered by PayPal's privacy rules and obligations.
  5. User receives confirmation that their PayPal account successfully connected to your website or app.

After users complete their initial log in with PayPal, they're able to log into your website or app by providing their PayPal credentials and aren't asked for any additional consent.


Log in with PayPal is available for merchants and customers in all countries.

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