My Apps & Credentials


Use the My Apps & Credentials page in the Developer Dashboard to subscribe your webhook listener to events.

Note: You can also use the Webhooks API to create a webhook, which subscribes your listener to events.

When you subscribe your listener to events, you define:

  • A list of events. An event can be a payment authorization, a payment state change, and so on.
  • The URL for your webhook listener. A webhook listener is a server that you configure at a specific web URL to listen for incoming HTTP POST notification messages that are triggered when those events occur. PayPal signs each notification message that it delivers to your web URL.

To determine to which events to subscribe, review the supported webhook event names.

To subscribe your listener to events

  1. Log into the Developer Dasbhoard.
  2. Create an app to generate your API credentials and subscribe to webhook events. If you already have an app, proceed to the next step.
  3. In the REST API apps section, click the link for the app to which you want to subscribe events.
  4. In the webhooks section, click Add Webhook.
  5. Add the URL for your listener, which is the endpoint URL that listens for incoming HTTP POST notification messages triggered when events occur.
  6. From the Event types list, select the events to which to subscribe your app. You can select either all events or one or more individual events.
  7. Click Save. The dashboard shows your webhook listener URL, the ID for the webhook, and the events to which you subscribed your app.

    You can use this webhook ID to complete these Webhooks API operations:


Verify event notifications.