Using the PayPal Here SDK

The PayPal Here (PPH) SDK enables third-party providers or merchants to integrate PayPal Here's point-of-sale payment solution in their app. You can create fully customized, branded apps that enable credit or debit card payments in-store using PayPal card readers. With a PayPal Here card reader, PayPal manages the PCI compliance so merchants and partners don't have to navigate complex compliance requirements.

Note: Please contact us for any integration or partnership program questions.

Get started with sample apps

Get started by downloading our sample app for the relevant platform:

See also Using sample apps for more information about the sample apps.

After you get those up and running, check out the Sandbox Testing and Merchant Onboarding guides.

Additional information

We have plenty of resources for you. Here's a full list:

Guide Description
SDK Resources Guides, sample applications, and reference material.
- SDK Guide
- iOS Sample app
- Android Sample app
Sandbox Testing Guide Test your integration in our sandbox environment.
Merchant Onboarding Guide Connect merchant accounts so that you can process transactions on their behalf.
Best Practices Our guidelines to ensure that you provide the best possible experience to your customers.
Go Live A last-stop checklist before lauching your SDK-enabled app.
Customizations Additional features available with the SDK.