PayPal Here SDKs

Accept in-person payments within your apps

PayPal Here SDKs make it easy for users of your iOS and Android apps to accept chip payments, contactless payments, and mag-stripe credit and debit card payments in person. Contactless payments include Apple Pay™ and Android™ Pay. Maintain your own fully branded mobile app experience while you leverage the powerful PayPal payment functionality and top-notch security.

The native libraries of the PayPal Here SDKs enable you to:

  • Interact with PayPal Hardware - Detect, connect to, and listen for events coming from PayPal card readers.
  • Process Card-Present payments - When using a PayPal card reader, card data is immediately encrypted. The encrypted package is sent to PayPal alongside the transaction data for processing.

Note: The PayPal Here SDKs are getting an update to support more development platforms and devices. Tell us about your in-person payment needs to get access to our latest developer resources.

Integrating with the PayPal Here SDKs

Integrating with the SDKs is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Get the PayPal Here SDK package from GitHub:

  2. Order PayPal card readers for development and testing (US, AU, UK).

  3. Get the associated PayPal Here SDK documentation:

    1. Start with the Sandbox testing guide

      • This guide shows you how to create your REST app and set up sandbox accounts to test it.
    2. Move on to the Merchant Onboarding Guide

      • This guide shows you how to onboard merchant accounts so that you can start using your sandbox accounts.
    3. Check out the iOS and Android SDK developer guides:

Considerations for app development

Be aware of the following items as you develop your PayPal Here apps:

  • The PayPal Here SDK currently supports US, UK, and AU-based PayPal merchant accounts that have enabled the PayPal Here product.
  • The sandbox credentials are different from the live credentials.
  • Although different native implementations of the PayPal Here SDK are very similar, they are not identical. If you develop point-of-sale apps in more than one environment, much of your SDK code and your knowledge carry over from that environment to other environments.
  • To integrate a non-native app, such as a mobile web app, with the PayPal Here SDK, you can use the sideloading solution. To use this solution, you link into the PayPal Here App itself from your mobile web browser and app. For more information, see PayPal Here™ Mobile Apps API.