Onboarding Merchants


PayPal Here integrates PayPal payment processing with merchant applications and Point of Sale systems so a merchant can receive card swipe, key entry, EMV, and contactless payments from debit and credit cards. This is a one-time flow that, once completed, will allow merchants to use your app to process transactions.

Note: Before a merchant can accept credit card payments via applications, they must have a PayPal Here-enabled account. If they are not already in possession of a PayPal Business account, they will be redirected through the sign-up process to obtain one automatically. For more information, see Registering for a PayPal Here Account.

PayPal Here Onboarding Process

First party

If you are a merchant receiving funds into your account, you can integrate with a first party access token. To do that, get an access token and host a site that provides a new access token when the token expires. Pass the site URL into the PayPal Here SDK as the refreshUrl during merchant onboarding. The PayPal Here SDK uses the refreshUrl any time the access token is expired or invalid.

Third party

Third party integration is when you provide the software and processing for your merchants. With third party, you are the Partner. The merchant connects their PayPal account to your point of sale software and grants you permission to process payments on their behalf. These funds flow into their merchant PayPal account. The PayPal Here merchant onboarding process includes these steps:

  1. Gather permission to process transactions on the merchant's behalf.
  2. Perform a status check to ensure that the merchant's account is ready to process PayPal Here transactions.
  3. Send the merchant through the registration process if they fail the status check.

Best practices

In order to make the PayPal Here sign-up process as streamlined as possible, follow these best practices:

  • If the merchant has not set up any credit card processing relationships, messaging, or promotions on their main site, prompt them to do so with PayPal.
  • After the merchant is connected, display the merchant's account email address and status to indicate which account is being used.
  • Set up a back office system.
  • Use the following terminology when referring to PayPal products:

    • PayPal Card Processing
    • PayPal Here Account

Partner back-office system

Provide a browser-based or app-based back office. This service will allow merchants to:

  • Manage settings
  • View a history of their transactions
  • Run reports
  • Similar back-end, non-customer-facing tasks

In your back office system, you should:

  • Dedicate a page to credit card and payment processing.
  • Feature the PayPal logo at the top of the page.
  • Provide a button that initiates the PayPal Here onboarding process.
  • Give your merchant a way to remove PayPal linking.

    Note: If the merchant removes PayPal linking, you must delete their associated refresh tokens and access tokens.


Acquire permissions.